The future or so

When we think about the future, what is it we imagine to ourselves? A world dominated by self-driving cars, machines working 27-7 in factories that once used to accommodate humans. Do we imagine a world where algorithms take control of most of our cognitive functions, doctors are nothing, but lines of code and a new model of governance, an inorganic one, controls the world.

Maybe the future shouldn’t be about technology for technology, perhaps there is a need to stop and rethink the fundamental building blocks of society. Digital transformation is not about “coping” our current way of doing things into code but using code to redesign our current way of doing things. Maybe the future is not about technology that can replace us but about a horizontal plane of potential where humans and technology partner to define the next stage of evolution. Ethic, morality, trust, and education, maybe. These are the cornerstone of our future and not merely technology just for technology.