Goldfish AI

We are living in an experience-based interaction simulation. A place that is governed by transparent intelligence technologies. It’s a world where the reciprocal accountability between the physical and digital landscapes is mostly controlled by algorithms, and our frame of reference that defines our place in society is a product of organic and silicon mixture. We are connected, we passed through the pixels, we have been shaped by the situation and became nothing but a narrow dot in the digital univalve, the birthplace of the new humanity.

Scary? But inevitable! We are just at the beginning of the biggest disruption society ever knew. Continue reading “Goldfish AI”

Thoughts about change

It is hard to write about political changes without talking about politics. It is said that if you do not accept change yourself, you will be rendered irrelevant and eventually perish.

Change is one of the most laborious processes to swallow, both as an individual and moreover as a society that flourishes on the idea that what exists is right and shouldn’t be changed. Thoughts fixations define the reciprocal relationships between the various examples that we use to measure success, but they also make us forget that by doing so we build a wall around our creativity and innovation. Continue reading “Thoughts about change”