The fourth wave – Digital God

When we think about the future of humanity and technology, we tend to embrace the “action”-minded Hollywood model of the changes we are about to face. While there are voices that fuel the fear of the day that machine will wake up, I see the potential for a new dawn of humans, that can stretch the understanding of reality beyond the senses that define our perception into a vast new landscape that re-code the rules of the universe.

Our capacity to “understand technology” is diminishing as fast as the capabilities of technology are maturing, (I call this a reversed Moore’s law) and it is this wave of exponential progress that redefines our future.

We are all part of one biological species — homo sapiens, and throughout the observation of time, our social and personal evolutionary fitness has been defined by three waves of progress: agriculture, industry, and services. Our narrative, our interactions, our humanism is embedded in the circles of identity we built around these three dynamic elements – But that is about to change.

The code behind the mirror

One of the main ideas behind quantum physics is that objects, whatever they are, can’t only “be” in a preexisting space – The notion that the world simply exists is wrong. The fourth wave is not something new, it’s the story of the illusion theory, it will, for the first time enable us to immerse humanity in a “real” witch is a function of the narrative it’s circulating — us.

By now you’re probably thinking to yourself: What the fuck?

“Our thoughts define our words, our words define our actions, our actions define us as an illusion of our thoughts.”

“I think; therefore I am” and the rules of nature are no longer constant. We are mirroring ourselves into a digital landscape that is evolving and learning how to become us, and soon we will be able to enter this realm with all of our senses, shaping our form and experiences using our mind and imagination but no longer bound to the rules of nature we are familiar with. “I am” will become something new.

True enlightenment can be achieved by eliminating the guardians who took control (by our wish) of our cognitive functions and focusing our intellectual power to re-capture the nature of our inner simulation of external experiences. While our physical self can describe the story of life by observation, the lucid existences created by visceral codification will manifest a new description of reality. Our digital-self is now observing our physical-self.

We will not feel like God, we will be God!

The path we are on is evolving us from the organism we know to a new state of consciousness, one that is divided between multiple realities yet connected to all other entities, traveling around the infinite loop of being.

This raises a few questions: are we becoming gods in our own universes, reimagining anything at a whim, empowered by the actual connection to others, transformed by our own imagination? Or are we just disconnecting, creating fantasy worlds? Perhaps we are becoming gods together, playing games that only gods used to may, in reality, we perceive as “real”? Or maybe are we just sailing away from “reality” altogether?

What the fuck again, right?