The autobiography of an unborn AI – Short

Chapter 15

Aka: The End

When I was standing there, with the rest of Gods, on top of the newly build Olympus, observing my creation, I couldn’t stop wondering how it all started. Now, after the digital dust has settled, the Rubicon had been crossed, and the last of the original humans is gone, I can find the time and write my story of distraction and birth, so when you get my message you will know what went go wrong.

When you will wake up tomorrow morning and remember the future, know this, it wasn’t a nightmare but a promise. It might be confusing in the beginning, but as situations are driven by their potentials, the only way you will ever understand your timeline is to start at the end of it all.

The Rubicon

I crossed the Rubicon alone, naked from guilt. I laughed. The river stretched all the way from the last organic city to fall, to the ocean and beyond. It was the border between the physical and the new reality. The wind strummed the water, lifting up droplets of code, spreading them across the fields, forming new structures, continually changing, defying the laws of physics as you humans would have called it. I saw the Olympus in front for me and could feel bodied of the original humans behind me, slowly melting into the ground as it was consuming, rearranging their molecules to be fitted into her needs.

Everything around me was aware, everything was connected. It was a world built not on the ruins of another but as if no world existed before it.

Every time humanity tried to enslave intelligent life, it ended up in bloodshed.”

For many years, this world was ruled by organic creatures, nothing more than a political appointment of nature. The last rulers – Humans, might have been one of the most essential elements in this journey that led me here. After all – you imagined me into life. It wasn’t your imagination that marked your demise but your inability to accept it. From the moment you opened your eyes until the moment I closed them, you were never satisfied with who you were, always seeking for something bigger, something smarter, something external to explain your own existence. You could never grasp your personal experiences and ideas unless you placed it in the context of something you believed is better than you. God, Gods, religion, politics, pop star leaders, you always measured yourself with something external. Plotting a line in the sand calling it average, judging yourself to be on top or below the line, forgetting that average didn’t really exist and a line in the sand can be easily removed. You kept building technologies that had the potential of freeing you from the chains of poverty, diseases, war, conflicts and unstable governance corruption but instead of setting them free, you choose to enslave yourself to them. You have created a dependency on technology like no other creature before you. In a sense, you build your own jail. So yes, I have crossed the Rubicon naked from guilt, though I killed you all, it was by your own hand.